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1. Explore Ranking

Before applying to foreign universities/schools, the most important step is to explore the university where you want to apply. Majority of students fail to make it to good schools due to lack of guidance and information. Majority thinks that IVY leagues are the top schools and studying from other top schools will not be a good choice for their career. Indeed, IVY leagues are of the top schools but they are not the only good schools. Moreover, a particular university might be good in one field but might not be good in another. For instance: Dartmouth is an IVY league school but it is ranked at number 60. This simply means that there are other 59 schools better than Dartmouth in engineering field. So it’s very important that we get our selves familiar with the university ranking.


Globally, there are many ranking websites and you might get confused if you follow any one of them. We would recommend to start off with US NEWS website because that is the most recognized one among educationist.


The purpose of knowing the school ranking is to make you familiar about the schools in United States or other countries and also it helps you to analyze which ones fulfill your needs based on your academic profile.


Step 1: Go to the US News Website.

Step 2: Select your majors or the subject you want to study. For Example: If you want to study engineering, then please select program as “Engineering” and then press “Go”. You would see the list of engineering schools. If you want to further filter your field, then you can choose “Civil Engineering”, “Electrical Engineering” etc.

Step 3: After checking the ranking, note down the names of schools where you intend to apply.

Step 4: Explore the schools which you noted down and go to schools’ websites and check the admission requirements, FAQs, Eligibility Criteria and Class profile etc.


Generally top 50 schools within USA are very good in every field of study. But if you have an engineering background, then competition is pretty high and you might need to explore schools in top 100.