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ScholarDen’s GRE Prep course is a unique, comprehensive course created by experts and provides real test like environment to make sure you are prepared well for the test day. The course has been appreciated by the students and they agree that ScholarDen’s GRE prep course is the most reliable and effective choice for those who want to score higher and meet their target scores.

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Detailed Video & Quick Text Explanations

Every questions comes with detailed video explanations to understand concept behind the questions in detail. Quick text explanations also help you figuring out your mistakes.

Get to Know Your Weak and Strong Areas

As you practice, our software analyzes your performance and figures out your strong, intermediate and weak areas. By practicing weak areas only, you get more control on your learning.

Timed Practice & Real Test like Experience

Our software provides real test like experience. All practice sessions are timed along with detailed analytics at the end to improve your time management skills.

What Students are Saying about ScholerDen

Scholar Den GRE resource is an amazing study tool. I was able to learn everything that I needed to know in a self-guided environment that worked with my hectic schedule. It allowed me to skip ahead video explanations when I was comfortable ... Read More

Shaharukh Kasi

GRE Score 322

Scholar Den's GRE study plan and resources helped me to have a guided approach towards acing the GRE. I was a bit terrified at first, but then I successfully followed their plan. I was able to score decent in Verbal and also managed to get 167 in Quant ... Read More

Mateen Illyas

GRE Score 319

Scholar Den is the best emerging resource available as their GRE questions are similar to what you're gonna see on real GRE. The verbal guide is very helpful for beginners to understand the basics.
I improved my score from 294 to 315!

Umar Aslam

GRE Score 315

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