After you get to know about school rankings, the next most important step is to shortlist the right schools. This is by far the most neglected step by the majority of students.

You need to see the schools ranking and note down the schools where you want to apply, and then go to the main page of university/school to explore more details.

Check each and every detail on the university (department) page. We recommend to check the following details, if they are available on university website:

Eligibility Criteria

  • Admission Requirement
  • Application Requirement
  • Class Profile
  • FAQ
  • Curriculum

Please note that all schools or universities might not have the same headings or titles as mentioned above but try to explore all pages.

Its very important that you get yourself familiar with the following university requirements for the particular program such as follows:

  • 16 years of Education (Minimum)
  • GRE/GMAT Requirements
  • CGPA
  • IELTS/TOEFL (International Students)
  • Personal Statement/Essay Questions
  • Deadline/Last Date to Apply
  • Application Fee
  • Employments Rate
  • Letters of Recommendation

By checking all the details on the university website, you would get an idea what sort of profile do they prefer for admission and hence the scholarships.

We would recommend creating a spreadsheet/excel document and mentioning all schools where you want to apply based on your profile and the profile university prefers to admit. Moreover, it’s also very important to note down the deadlines dates, so you can prepare your applications accordingly.

The recommended approach is to shortlist schools. While shortlisting, your profile should be better than the average profile mentioned on the website. Definitely there are exceptions too in case if you have exceptional extra-curriculum activities, vast experience etc. and the entire profile counts, so definitely its worth applying.

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